Everardo P. Guimaraes Rocha is the author of Jogo de Espelhos ( avg rating , 1 rating, 0 reviews), Magia e Capitalismo ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 r. Magia e Capitalismo [Everardo P. Guimarães Rocha] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Esse livro, escrito por um jovem antropólogo. : Magia e Capitalismo () by Everardo P. Guimarães Rocha and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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:: LAC – Laboratório de Antropologia do Consumo ::

Adopting an anthropological approach to investigate the practices of the advertising industry, the book maps the symbolic value of advertising narratives. It argues that consumption cannot be solely explained by the mechanical and rational logic of production. The society of dreams: A sociedade do sonho: The author accurately and objectively describes the mysteries of the means of mass communication and the consumption phenomena in general. It is a thick and creative analysis that provides new approaches to the study of marketing and advertisement, and contributes to a new capitxlismo of enquiry: The Anthropology of Consumption.

The book analyses different aspects of the Brazilian way of life in order to map central values of this culture. The essays are textual exercises that build and un-build images, as in a puzzle, in order to decode the cultural system. Each new rearrangement of cultural elements allows us to envisage new cultural aspects mayia images, as in a game of mirrors.

Magia e capitalismo

This book discusses youth, consumption practices, new technologies and social communication from an anthropological perspective. It gives special attention to the way that such phenomena are socially reproduced capitalissmo Brazilian culture and, more specifically, through the experience of youth, in order to contribute to studies of collective contemporary mahia.


For those interested in the relation between body and culture, this book presents an introduction to the relation between body and consumption, raising central issues of body symbolism.

It also presents a bibliographic review of academic studies on the subject, with special attention to anthropological and historical perspectives.

Moreover, it summarises a series of master theses and PhD dissertations in Caiptalismo Sciences, Social Communication, History and Psychology that study the body from a cultural perspective.

The Paradise of Consumption: Three themes are emphasised: Mahia edited volume presents different essays written by great Brazilian specialists on the life and work of classic authors in anthropological research. It maps the life and work of great anthropologists from the 19th and 20th century. Social Representations in Consumption Practices: This book discusses two central aspects of advertising narratives.

Everardo Rocha

On the one hand, it presents advertising narratives as system of meanings, which allow us to map the broader contemporary society lifestyle. On the other hand, it discusses how advertising narratives relate to local values, defining practices and allowing for individuals and groups to have different consumption experiences.

By discussing systems of representations and social practices, the book takes the reader to think about central dimensions of the Brazilian collective imagery. Culture and Media Experiences Reference: The book discusses how different social groups understand and use new technologies. The book takes the reader to reflect upon different social experiences of the media.

Culture and Advertising Imagination Reference: This book investigates the cultural meanings invested in consumption practices, and their frequent presence as themes broadcasted by the mass media communication.

It presents consumption as a form of communication and cultural phenomena, connected with various other kinds of social practices. The book analyses the social representations shared by advertising narratives and the media, and their influence to different consumption practices.


Communication, Consumption and Urban Environment: This edited volume investigates central phenomena of the urban youth culture. Here, the reader will be able to follow the unusual creativity of youth capitalizmo.

In this book, capjtalismo people present multiple lifestyles and consumer codes, and often act as mirrors of many social transformations. Celebrities in the 21th Century: Through different periods, various societies produced and cherished their idols and heroes.

Nowadays, the ubiquity of celebrities — characters that became popular through complex mass media processes — suggests that the way subjects gain status and importance is undergoing great transformations.

It consolidates the field of research of fame in Brazil, broadening the range of investigations and enriching the analyses of the universe of celebrities and their impact on contemporary culture. Sponsorship Measures in the Public Sector: The book maps three basic and interconnected elements that are capable of solving possible distortions within the public sponsorship models.

It suggests the adoption of a better terminology, which would be able to establish greater effectiveness. Terminology, concept and understanding are the three central axes of the analysis presented in this book.

It is an imperative study for everareo of those involved in public sponsorship articulations and cultural production. Consumption and body images: Everardo Rocha e Marina Frid London: A star player and the word of goods: Rituals of cruise consumption and the ‘new’ middle class: The Woman in Pieces: Old things with character: A Botinha Branca e a Echarpe Verde: A autenticidade que legitima: