SAP BW InfoCube – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of SAP BI, Data Warehousing, Data Flow, Transformation, InfoArea, Object. What is Infocube? Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. An InfoCube. SAP BW InfoCube is a type of InfoProvider on which queries can be defined or executed. InfoCubes can store data in real DB tables or virtually.

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The empty partitions of the f fact table are reported. The cardinality is m: Go to previous lesson: Open link in a new tab. Inserting InfoObjects 3 The system shows you the below screen: What is the structure of InfoCube? Have any aap or comments?

These are mainly used for data reconciliation during integration testing. The reconstruction programs write data additively into the set-up tables. Real time InfoCubes are used in connection with the entry of planning data.

Types of infocubes in BI

For example, the Select members from here based on level function requires infocuges level number. If this data is loaded into BW, you will usually see multiple values in the queries exception: Is there any Transaction Code? How can you measure the InfoCube size? The screenshot is given below: As a result, data from the update queue LBWQ or SM13 can be read while the data of the initialization request is being uploaded.


Use line item dimension if only one object is placed in a dimension table. A departmental store has 10, customers and different materials. September 3, 2 minute read.

Structure The data is stored physically in an InfoCube. The system shows you the below screen: Entering the Description of the Dimension The system will show you the following: Attributes can be extracted as dimensions.

Right click on InfoArea. As mentioned in various earlier tutorials, you can navigate to it through transaction code RSA1. Compression reduces the number of records by combining records with the same key that has been loaded in separate requests.

What are the other techniques of InfoCube design alternatives. For more information, see Real-Time InfoCubes. Read and Write are possible. Custom Name An optional custom name of the fact table dimension column or TM1 target dimension. This will delete the transaction data and InfoCube will be set to inactive. Let us right click on the Dimension 1. Start the reconstruction for the desired application.

SAP BW – InfoCube

How to make the real-time infocube as Load behavior? It is a self-enclosed data set encompassing one or more related business processes. Documents were posted during the reconstruction. Sales Document Number in one dimension is Sales Cube. From a reporting point of view, an Infocube can be described as a self-contained dataset. When I completed reconstruction, Repeated documents are coming.

A newly-created document is in the update queue awaiting transmission into the delta queue.

SAP BW InfoCube Tutorial – Free SAP BW Training

A reporting user can define or execute queries against an info cube. What is meant by Compression of an InfoCube. A Complete repartitioning, B Adding partitions to an e fact table that is already partitioned and C Merging empty or almost empty partitions of an e fact table that is already partitioned 5.


Cube resides on any remote system i.

It should also have a minimum of three characters and a maximum of nine inficubes. An InfoCube consists of a fact table which is surrounded by 16 dimension tables and master data that is lying outside the cube.

Upon execution the primary Fact table is displayed as an unexpanded node.

InfoCubes (SAP Library – Business Intelligence)

Are the tables created after activation or Saving the InfoCube structure? Using the Wide format fact table creates one column for each Key Figures member.

However, the reconstruction also processes this document because its data is already in the document tables. September 5, at Reconciliation means validating the source system data with BI data. October infoubes, 15 minute read. An InfoCube contains fact tables that further contain key figures and characteristics of an InfoCube that are stored in the dimensions.

What are the types of Repartitioning? InfoCube can be partitioned on a time slice like Time Characteristics as below.