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HAMEG HM ANALOG DIGITAL SCOPE Item # Price: Ask or better email / make an offer. Current Stock: 1. Need Help: Ask A. The HM combines digital storage technology and real time analog signal analysis. High sample rates and peak detect facility minimize aliasing while. First Time Operation Trace Rotation TR .. .. Probe compensation and use.

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DC to MHz, 2 Channels: The instrument contains a second trigger system to ensure stable triggering of even asynchronous signal components.


With its second time base, the HM scope is capable of displaying not only the signal itself but also a freely selectable expanded section in mixed mode, according to the time base and trigger delay settings. This function is available in both analog and digital modes.

In contrast to analog operation there is no intensity reduction in digital mode, even if high expansion ratios are chosen.

Low noise 8 bit flash converters are used to digitize the signals to be analyzed.

A so called dot join function linearly connects successive points to display curves without any gap. The scope digitize and store any signal with more than samples per sweep. The well proven CRT is suitable to reproduce signals in this high horizontal resolution. To display variations of a signal over several samples it is recommended to use the envelope or the average mode.

Two fullsize reference memories allow the comparison of signals with those already stored in memory. The HM features a peak-detect function which allows the automatic capture and storage of non repetetive signals. When the Autoset function is enabled, all relevant parameter settings are performed by the scope’s circuitry automatically. The Setup parameters and the measured values are clearly displayed on the screen in alphanumeric characters.


Autoset also initiates automatic cursor settings for time and frequency measurement digital only as well as voltage measurement.

HAMEG HM Analog / Digital Oszilloskop Mhz buy at

In analog and digital mode, the cursor functions enable the user to analyze a signal while watching the numeric readout for voltage difference, time difference, or frequency values.

Another feature is the storage capability for nine complete parameter set ups, which may be stored and recalled simply by pressing the appropriate front panel key. It also permits high frequency alignment of the probes. Supported by a Built-in calibrate menu, closed-case adjustment procedures of the vertical- triggerand storage amplifiers are possible.

With all of the new HAMEG scope range, microprocessors manage the front panel inputs, calculations, and other control functions.

In addition, 32 bit RISC processors accelerate the digital signal processing. The instrument may be remotely controlled by any personal computer via its built-in serial interface in all relevant functions. A suitable software program is supplied with the scope on delivery.

Operation Like all members of the new series of HAMEG o scilloscopes the HM combines a wide range of useful functions with an easy to use operator interface.

The logically designed layout and the proven functionality of the keys and knobs make additional menu keys avoidable.


Even inexperienced oscilloscope users will soon become familiar with these instruments. The easiest way to display signals of low complexity is the use of the Autoset function. The scope’s logic mh performs all relevant parameter settings automatically for the best readout of the signal on the screen.


The set up parameters and the result of the selected measurement function are clearly displayed on the screen. Another feature is the storage capability for nine complete parameter www. It includes beam intensity and cursor parameters settings. The cursor functions enable the user to analyze a signal while watching the numeric readout for the voltage differencetime difference, or frequency. Comparision Applications n Calculation Routines The screen photo shows a composite video signal with burst.

The two time bases of the HM are operating in the mixed mode.

HAMEG HM 1507-3 Analog / Digital Oszilloskop 150 Mhz

Since the burst is asynchronous to other components of the T V signal, a second trigger circuit is required. It can display the signal and the burst concurrently in two curves.

When signals are displayed in the envelope mode, the influence of jitter effects and amplitude changes can be demonstrated significantly.

The scope builds the envelope curve by storing the minimum and maximum values over a number of consecutive sampling periods. For ease of operation the envelope curve can be stored in one of the reference memories and be displayed in combination with a currently measured signal.

Normal with level control: Indicator for trigger action: Triggering time base B: Horizontal Deflection Analog Time Base: Interface PC remote control: DGY, 8x10cm internal graticule Acceleration voltage: New Product View Product Index.