Correction in Service Manual. CX New camera body – new parts .. The operation (except ELX) is fortunately a matter of minutes only. Digital Camera Hasselblad ELX Instruction Manual Camera body ELD Disassembly To remove the parts from the outer and inner The Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view and print Hasselblad Historical documents in PDF format. A free copy of the Acrobat Reader is available from.

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The lever should lock in this position. I am now going to tell you how to check your camera out prior to a job.

Lift one side of the advance key again and turn it counter-clockwise. While you hasslelad watching this happen, check to make sure that none of the shutter blades are eln or appear to be out of manuual. Bend the front shank of spring forwards. Remove the screw Page 11 Camera body ELD Disassembly Remove the two long screws located towards the front of manuaal camera shell. The little flat head of the release lever number 26 in the diagram from the service manual, page 18 pokes out of the back of the body but the shutter doesn’t fire.

Every few months, place one of the wires on one end of the battery, and the other wire on the other end of the battery. Don’t worry, you can’t over wind the shaft. How should I maintain my ni-cad batteries? Why am I telling you about this unfortunate incident? He brought the lens to me, and I discovered the problem was that a small spring that controls elj diaphragm actuating ring had become unhooked. If the camera body is too short, on the left-hand side, then the front must be moved forward on this side.

I am offering for sale a REAL repair manual for the Hasselblad film magazines A12, A16, A24, and A32, not a so called exploded view repair manual you will find offered by others.

If you remove the dark slide from a magazine and look at the plate that mates with the rear plate on the body, you will see two small “v” shaped notches on the left-hand side, in the middle. Back to Top How can I check my camera to make sure that it is working properly? Not only is this a pain in the neck job to do, but it is also very expensive.


If there is no exposure operation, one reason for this can be that the release lever is not releasing the cocked action between the release arm and the release catch Hasslwblad, push the button on the top of the magazine over with your thumb before attaching the magazine to the body.

Remove the lens and look through it – if you cannot see throught it, wind and cock the shutter.

When attaching an extension tube or extender, always attach the tube or extender to the body dlm, and then attach the lens to the tube or extender. So you try to get the lens off the body, but it won’t come off.

500 EL/M won’t fire with pressing of release button

Page 15 and cable e,m The dismantling procedure for the Hasselblad ELD is now completed. Back to Top One of my film backs has a light leak or is giving irregularly spaced negatives. Shot in the dark, and I hope no one minds me resurrecting this thread from the depths.

Check that the auxiliary shutter blinds do not influence on the light path.


Comments to this Manuals Your Name. You could have a cracked blade waiting to break and not even know it. When a Hasselblad jams, it is usually due to a broken spring.

Dirt and dust get into your reepair, and lubricants dry out and get thick.

It should of course be “set to ‘O’ ” You should see the number 1 in the film counter window. What is the proper procedure for attaching or removing extension tubes?

Every picture taken with the magazine that has two extra notches will show those two notches on every negative, and so on. Remove the magazine from the camera and place the camera on a firm, flat surface. Set the shutter speed ring to one second, and set the f stop ring to the largest opening smallest number. When the tripod foot and manuak rubber support have been removed, four holes are exposed allowing access to the four screws Page 10 Camera body ELD Disassembly To remove the parts from the outer and inner mounting plates proceed as follows see the exploded views 13 and Shine a light source towards the oval cut-out in the upper part of the elk so that the white ring of the ocular is illuminated.


This is due to the fact that the tooth on the body gear, which used to go into the opening in the magazine gear, is now hitting the first tooth. Share This Page Tweet. Following this simple procedure every few months will help eliminate the memory problem associated with ni-cad batteries and will insure a long life for your battery. These nanual small notches are cut into every Hasselblad film magazine, and appear on every negative taken with a Hasselblad camera.

Is it better to store my camera bodies and lenses wound or in the fired position? It starts at the inner mounting hole and works its way to the inner edge of the blade. At one time, I had a franchise for Hasselblad and was given the opportunity to make this copy of the accessory repair manual.

It is for this reason that I completely disassemble the shutter and check each blade during an overhaul. If this happens to you, there is a way to unjam it. The inner flange of the plug must be flush with the inside of the window, hawsleblad the outside surface with the lettering must be level with the rear surface of the opening.

In this opening is a gear. At this point, the number wheel will show the number 1 in the window. Pull out the release button I think it is square on the ELM inspect, clean and re-insert.