You have to understand at least the structure of slot, frame, multiframe (Do you remember where the multiframe is located in overall GSM frame structure?. This page on GSM tutorial covers GSM frame structure including concept of slot, frame,multiframe,superframe and hyperframe. It covers both 51 frame multiframe . Global System for Mobile (GSM) Several providers can setup mobile networks following the GSM .. Control Channel Multiframe (Reverse link for TS0). 0. F. 1.

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Hyperframe – A hyperframe is a multiframe sequence that is composed of superframes, and is the largest time interval in the GSM system 3 hours, 28 minutes, 53 seconds. One user uses the slot 2 at every frame and the other user use the slot 4 at every frame. The diagram below shows the frame structure used to accommodate eight SDCCHs, although, as it takes two repetitions of the multiframe to complete the entire sequence, it may be more logical to think of it as a frame structure.

Each of those different channel tend to have its own physical or transport layer structure. In reality, all of those scheduling are combined to form a very complex table as shown in the following example. Each of the physical channel is also mapped to higher layer channel types called Logical channels. This example shows 2 users using full rate voice traffic channels. Latest news LoRa technology integrated in utility metering solution Four-in-one environmental sensor saves space and power MACOM debuts new ultra low phase noise amplifier Ericsson and Panasonic Avionics bringing connectivity to the skies Beeline chooses Broadpeak Solutions for TV Everywhere service.

The last frame Frame 50 is allocated for Idle. A few important features of the burst is stated below. A hyperframe has the longest time period in the GSM system of 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 53 seconds. This lasts for approximately 4.


This is like normal burst but has no meaning of its payload multifrqme. Do this questions and answer by yourself whenever you have chance until your brain automatically pops up a frame structure diagram as soon as you see some key words related to GSM frame.

Control Multiframe Structures – The 51 control multiframe structure is used to send information on the control channel.

GSM Tutorial | Frame Structure

That is the flag is 0 for TCH and 1 for others. One physical channel is one burst period allocated in each TDMA frame.

This division of frequency pool is called FDMA.

Multiframes used in the GSM system include the 26 traffic multiframe, 51 control multiframe, superframe, and hyperframe. The downlink and uplink channels are staggered in order to give the mobile time to process the received gem and formulate a response. Do you remember where the multiframe is located in overall GSM frame structure?

GSM Timeslot & Frequency Specifications

You will also discover how 2nd generation systems are gradually evolving into 3rd generation broadband multifram systems. Only one training sequence is defined for this burst.

I don’t find any way to visualize the whole Hyper Frame structure showing the details at the level of every single slots, but overal GSM frame hierarchy is as follows.

By establishing these schedules by the use of a frame structure, both the mobile and the base station are able to communicate not only the voice data, but also signalling information without the various types of data becoming intermixed and both ends of the transmission knowing exactly what types of information are being transmitted.

One user uses the slot 2 at every frame and multifrae other user use the slot 4 at every multiframs.

Superframes are the composition of 26 control multiframes or 51 traffic multiframes to provide a common time period of 6. Then follows, in timeslot 0 of frames 10 and 11, a repeat of the frequency and synchronising bursts F and Sfour further CCCH bursts C and so on.


They should also understand mapping of different channels to time slots in these gsm frame structures. It is the largest time interval within the GSM frame structure. These include functions such as:. In this diagram, the second slot in each frame is being used as a control channel but it is not always the case. The GSM frame structure provides the basis for the various physical channels used within GSM, and accordingly it is at mkltiframe heart of the overall system.

TelecomStudy18 : Structure of Multi-Frame

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The duration of a frame traffic channel multiframe is ms 26 TDMA frames. Multiframf to GSM, 2nd ed. The FACCH channel uses this burst during handover operation when the timing advance of new cell is not yet known.

In this example, the two users shares the slot 2 of every frame in alternating fashion. The 3 slot time period is used by the Mobile subscriber to perform various functions e. Don’t just look at these diagrams if you are GSM beginner, draw grids on a paper or open up a Excel spreadsheet and color and label it on your own. This diagram shows that a single GSM frame is composed of 8 time slots.

This type of multiframe is divided into logical channels. This structure may be transmitted on any timeslot. That is why the synchronization mutiframe sequence is very large for this burst comparing to other burst types.