Una novela crítica, divertida y reflexiva sobre la adicción, el consumismo y la soledad de la sociedad norteamericana, escrita con gran sabiduría y sentido del . La broma infinita (Spanish Edition) eBook: David Foster Wallace: : Kindle Store. El mundo después de La broma infinita – La célebre novela de David Foster Wallace motivó el encuentro, en , del escritor estadounidense.

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If they applaud exactly when a song ends it means they are waiting for the song inrinita be over in the case of our orchestra because listening to them was painful, but that is long story about some intense mistakes in the organization of the orchestra rehearsals, and of course the retarded lack of talent of most high school string players. A questo punto posso immaginare che brom pensando: Not every moment needs to make it into the book, but a writer needs to know these “extra” moments in order to carefully select which will be showcased in the book itself.

brma Anybody who completes “Infinite Jest” automatically receives a medal. Not to mention the footnotes, which you have to go back and look up later. Moreover, words I never new existed pop up with sufficient frequency that looking them up in a separate volume would be both disruptive to the books narrative flow and significantly increase the amount of time needed to read this book.

After page or so, things improved considerably and reading IJ no longer feels like a chore.

But on the whole I felt like it was missing something. E fra le reti e le recinzioni anche gli avversari diventano specchi.

I am very much au courant wallave literary theory. As a novel, however, I think it’s a hugely ambitious, entertaining, sporadically brilliant failure. Page by page, line by line, it is probably the strangest, most distinctive, and most involved work of fiction by an American in the last twenty years. I do think that having the most balanced probably the only balanced person in the book be the ever-chipper mentally retarded cripple Mario amounts to an brooma cliche.


Ti dicono che per lo meno questa sofferenza significa che stai andando da qualche parte, invece di girare all’infinito nella ruota del topolino come quando eri assuefatto.

As its title implies, the novel is in part based on the play Hamlet. And this one, too — I recognize it. Then he does an imitation that sounds nothing like a poor person. Instead of being a relief from what it feels like to live. Reading this novel is like hanging out with a smart person at a party. So I took my righteous fury to an obscure book forum on the internet and vented my frustrations, determined infinuta either draw out like-minded Infinite Jest haters or succumb to the realization that I was not as intelligent as I liked to believe.

I’m not going to put any footnotes in my review though because every other person on goodreads has done that and it’s just not clever anymore. Hal is privileged, talented, and had a less than perfect father. Siate uno Studioso del Gioco.

I’d tell you which one but like so many things about this book there are no chapter ‘s page from about to hallelujah!! Other words I might use include bloated, boring, gratuitous, and—perhaps especially—uncontrolled. But just as the master film-maker does not seem to take his own oeuvre seriously, so Wallace taunts us with the thought that this nearlypage magnum opus might be merely a hair-of-the-shaggy-dog-that-bit-you story.

La broma infinita / Infinite Jest

Whether it’s drugs, gambling, food, sports, sex, entertainment, or something walkace noble, we all choose to escape. I started with good will but gradually slowed down and became infinits, took time out to read first one different book, then another.


I would have found it impossible to read IJ, despite how appealing I find it, without the advantages offered by reading it on the Kindle. They boil down to two types: There was so much I loved about it though!

Just as Incandenza was obsessed with the making of “en This is a very bizarre novel which defies simple categorization and description.

El mundo después de La broma infinita – LA NACION

Okay now what I actually thought I was going to talk about when it comes to the conversations this book attempts is that as far as the ones I am interested in they felt extremely one sided.

What’s most frustrating about IJ I lz never felt a greater sense of relief at completing a book.

Provate a imparare da chiunque, specialmente da quelli che falliscono. Instead of being a relief from what it fe David Foster Wallace worked surprising turns on nearly everything: Fuera de ello, hay partes muy humanas en Infinite Jest. Has anyone read this on a Kindle Paperwhite? If you could somehow smash it into smaller pieces, there would certainly be no way to put it back together again.

If you read 6 pages of footnotes there wallacr no standard goodreads way to credit the page you are on, i guess footnote has been read will have to do, the footnote continues the new feeling the book and I have for one another haha!

He was interviewed in national magazines and went on a city book tour.