SSA is the basic form all Social Security disability claimants must fill out to apply for Social Security disability benefits. You may fill it out yourself or, if it. Create a Form Ssa Bk in minutes using a step-by-step template. A Form SSA BK is known as an Adult Disability Report. DISABILITY REPORT – ADULT – Form SSABK. If you need help with this form, do as much of it as you can, and your interviewer will help you finish it.

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For applicants who do not have a phone, they may provide the number of a friend or local shelter where they can be contacted. Tips and ideas for answering questions: List them whether you have been seen by a medical professional or not. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts foem email.

How to Fill Out an Application for Disability Benefits (SSA 16 BK and SSA 3368 BK)

If you are currently collecting SSI, you will need to answer the questions regarding self-support programs like Ticket to Work. Saa to content Robin Mead You can apply for Social Security Disability online, on paper, in person, on the phone or through a lawyer. If the applicant does not remember their job title, add a generic title that describes the tasks performed. If you found this page helpful, please share it with others by pressing one of these magic little buttons: If the applicant underwent evaluations or treatment while incarcerated, you can add this information to either section 8 or 9.


Indicate in remarks which medical records you will be submitting with the application.

Provide information in this section about the highest grade the applicant completed and details about special education or specialized training. It is helpful to document who the phone number belongs to in this question. What Do You Think? View a completed sample SSA here. List all brand name or generic medicines the applicant is taking, including those prescribed by a doctor and any over-the-counter medicines, to treat his or her physical and mental conditions.

Skip to main content. List the jobs up to 5 that the applicant has had in the 15 years before he or she became unable to work. It is important for SSA to know if an applicant needed to change job duties or hours worked based on their conditions. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Most claimants would benefit from the help and advice of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer when filling this form out.

Below are sample forms plus tips for making sure your answers are all complete, accurate and helpful. Notify me of new comments via email.

Include all medical sources that have examined sssa treated the applicant for physical or mental conditions, even if they are not recent. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Note that symptoms of mental illness are included in this question. It asks for the same kinds of information as the Online Adult Disability Report.

SSA Adult Disability Report | SOAR Works!

If the applicant has been prescribed medication, but is inconsistent in taking it due to symptoms of his or her illness, poor memory, or limited funds, add the medications to section 7 and provide details in the remarks section about the reasons the applicant is not consistently taking the medicine s.


Specialized training can include: You may be contacted for an SSI financial interview. For applicants who stopped working, SSA will ask if they stopped because of their conditions or other reasons. Include all information including dosages, frequency, and the name of the physician who prescribed you the medication.

Enter the type of job performed, not the name of the employer.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Below is a summary of the 11 sections of the SSA Otherwise, the claim could experience delays at SSA. For example, an applicant may be able to work 10 hours per week, but sssa employer allows extra breaks and a flexible schedule when the applicant experiences anxiety. For example, individuals aged 18 who have been receiving SSI as children and are undergoing a redetermination to qualify for SSI as an adult.

How to Fill out form SSA-3368

Hours per day, days per week, and rate of pay. Disability Report SSA — Email Address never made public. If this section applies, provide information about any vocational rehabilitation or supportive services the applicant has received.