Finansijska inteligencija at – ISBN – ISBN – – Hardcover. Rešenje u oba slučaja jeste „Finansijska inteligencija“. Nažalost, redovnim obrazovanjem ne možemo dobiti znanja i veštine koje su potrebne da razumemo . Obuka: Finansijska inteligencija. Monday 30 November -1 AM AM. Save Saved. Last update 11/12/ 1. ×. Stay updated on upcoming events in.

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MilosCze Beogradski edukativni centar d. Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10a, lokal DealShaker is not to be held responsible about the third party content published on the platform.

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Trening “Finansijska inteligencija”

Problema sa novcem imaju i ljudi koji nemaju para i ljudi koji imaju para. People with no money and people who have money have problems with money.

The first is the challenge of how to settle their debts and how to increase their income, while others are challenged inteligehcija increase their capital, how to protect it, and how to invest it. The solution in both cases is “Financial Intelligence”. Unfortunately, through regular education, we can not get the knowledge and skills needed to understand inteligecnija finance functions, to recognize these mechanisms and to use them so that it is in our interest.

By developing their financial intelligence and financial literacy and having the right information, everyone can understand how finances work and what are the tools we intligencija use and in what way, in order to better organize their finances, both personal and professional, and therefore there is a training “Financial Intelligence “.

The aim of the training is the development of financial education and intelligence and the development of a way of thinking that will be oriented towards planning with personal finance. Some of the topics to be addressed: Dakle, jedan kupon jednak je 30 eura popusta na trening jedinicu.


So, one coupon is equal to 30 euros discount on the training unit. One coupon is valid for one training “Financial intelligence”. One person can use a maximum of one coupon.

– Finansijska inteligencija by Karen; Najt, Dzo Berman – –

It is possible that one person buys more coupons. Education, personal development, financial consulting.

Merchant Addresses you can use your Deal Coupon in any of the assigned addresses of the Merchant: Beogradski edukativni centar d.