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Executive Order Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Information Age. Signed: October 16, ; Federal Register page and date: 66 FR Executive Order of November 9, (“Presidential Task Force on Executive Order of October 16, (“Critical Infrastructure. Title. E.O Document. E.O Description. Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Information Age. Last Modified. Oct 18,

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Federal Register October 18,v. A further danger involves the ease with which terrorists can communicate with one another without being detected. Among its activities to implement these responsibilities, the Board shall:. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Executive Orders are directives issued by the President of the United States. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

The implementation of this policy shall include a voluntary public-private partnership, involving corporate and nongovernmental organizations. In this function, the Board shall work in coordination with the National Science Foundationthe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agencyand with other departments and agencies, as appropriate.

In addition to the countless benefits that information technology has offered, eoo has presented terrorists with the ability to wage their battles a world away from the site they plan to attack. Protection of these systems is essential to the telecommunications, energy, financial services, manufacturing, water, transportation, health care, and emergency services sectors.

12331, Terrorism and Warfare in the Information Age.

In consultation ei affected executive branch departments and agencies, coordinate outreach to and consultation with the private sector, including corporations that own, operate, develop, and equip information, telecommunications, transportation, energy, water, health care, and financial services, on protection of information systems for critical infrastructure, including emergency preparedness communications, and the physical assets that support such systems; and coordinate outreach to State and local governments, as well as communities and representatives from academia and other relevant elements of society George WalkerPublisher: The Executive Order established ten standing committees to support the board’s work on a wide range of 12331 information.

In the wake of Septemberthe government of the United States was forced to reconsider all possible threats that 31231 be posed to the nation.


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The Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence DCI shall have responsibility to oversee, develop, and ensure implementation of policies, principles, standards, and guidelines for the security of information systems that support the operations under their respective control. The order created a federal “critical infrastructure protection” board and charged it with recommending policies and coordinating programs for protecting information systems for critical infrastructure.

The Executive Order tasked the board with recommending policies and coordinating programs for protecting critical infrastructure protection CIP -related information systems. Most commonly, information terrorists aim to introduce viruses into computer systems enabling them either to steal critical information or to destabilize public systems. The heads of executive branch departments and agencies are responsible and accountable for providing and maintaining adequate levels of security 12331 information systems, including emergency preparedness communications systems, for programs under their control.

The Office of Homeland Security. In more extreme cases of national emergency or threat to national security, an Executive Order can be used to impact upon specific members of groups within the general population.

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While this order by no means introduced the notion of the vulnerability of the nation’s infrastructure in light of its reliance on technology, it used the attacks as a reason to strengthen defenses already in place. Office of the Federal Register Date: Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Information Age. With the world’s increasing reliance on technology in all aspects of daily life, the threat posed by terrorists to use technology to interrupt the flow of information around the globe has grown more serious.

Coordinate with the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTP on a program of Federal Government research and development for protection of information systems for critical infrastructure, including emergency preparedness communications, and the physical assets that support such systems, and ensure coordination of government activities in this field with corporations, universities, Federally funded research centers, and national laboratories.

In presenting this order, the government recognizes that terrorists are committed to discovering new ways of attacking their 31231, and recognizes that terrorist organizations have dedicated themselves towards enhancing their ability to bring down the information infrastructure of the United States. Additionally, security should enable, and not unnecessarily impede, 1231 and agency business operations.


Executive Order 13231

Executive Orderas recorded in the Federal Register. Because each style has its own formatting nuances eoo evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Carry out those functions relating to protection of and recovery from attacks against information systems for critical infrastructure, including emergency preparedness communications, that were assigned to the Office of Homeland Security by Executive Order of October 8, Such attacks include a cyber terrorist being able to shut down an electrical grid for an extended period of time, infiltrate national defense systems, or even destabilize nuclear power plants.

Heads of such departments and agencies shall ensure 1331 development and, within available appropriations, funding of programs that adequately address these mission areas.

There are few aspects of life in Western societies that are not directly connected to the information superhighway, as this flow of information around the globe has become known. To achieve this policy, there shall be a senior executive branch board to coordinate and have cognizance of Federal efforts and programs that relate to protection of information systems and involve:. This executive order outlines the commitment of the government in exposing the potential for further harm to be exacted against the United States.

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Ball, Kirstie and Webster, Frank. The three tenets that help populations operate safely; free traffic of business and commerce, a strong government, and a national defense, could all be potentially crippled if the technological infrastructure supporting those institutions was compromised. Executive Order ; EO Author: