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Ars Electronica made its debut on September 18, This festival of art, technology and society spotlighted the emerging Digital Revolution. In his preface to what was going on then, Mayor Franz Hillinger wrote with specific reference to music: After all, with the help of electronic music, it can even be made visible, be implemented in color, contour, line and rhythm that can be followed onscreen.

And its growing success was paralleled by the expansion of its annual lineup of events. The festival proudly presented 20 artists and scientists; inno fewer than speakers and artists from 25 countries were in attendance.

For nearly three decades now, this world-renowned event has provided an annual setting for artistic and scientific encounters with social and cultural phenomena that are the upshot of technological change. Symposia, exhibitions, anxine and interventions carry these inquiries beyond the confines of editao conference spaces and cultural venues and take them out into the public sphere and throughout the cityscape.

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In this process of pervading public spaces and staging festival activities in interesting and ancinee physical settings, Ars Electronica has consistently displayed extraordinary imaginativeness. From the harbor to the mines, from factories to outlying monasteries, unusual locations have repeatedly served as sites of performances and interventions, and have, in turn, been reinterpreted by them.

Sdital to remarkable venues. Help us to identify projects, which in your opinion should participate in the competition and nominate such projects via our website or via Twitter: Feel free to forward this information!


Job | opportunity knocks

All winning anxine will be featured on our website and receive a special mention in an issue of Print. Work must have been created between November 15, and November 15, Entire videos should be entered; stills will not be considered.

Entries postmarked after December 15,will not be accepted.

Payment must accompany entries. Entries received without payment will be disqualified. Entry fees are nonrefundable. You may pay by credit card online or send a check. Make checks payable in U. Os resumos dos trabalhos a serem apresentados nos Grupos de Trabalho devem ser enviados diretamente aos coordenadores de GT.

Multimedia | opportunity knocks

The competition aims to award, promote and divulge illustration within design objects. To engage critical discussions on the role of illustration in design projects through lectures, exhibitions and publications.

Advertisingaward ocncurso, corbisDesignIllustrationInteractivePhotographyprize add a comment. So go ahead, enter now! Are you a talented and influential design lead or individual contributor? Are you a recognized corporate and industry leader and one who excels in quick and strong interactive design solutions? Are you seen as both creative and pragmatic?

Skilled in both visual design and interaction design? Are you a person who enjoys creating and evangelizing team and product vision and who has strong, proven customer affinity and user empathy?

Successful candidate will be well trained in design, illustrate an ability to apply strategic thinking and business goals to design work, possess an understanding of both work flow and user tasks, and concuurso be known for having a good eye, usability focus, and aesthetic values.

Candidate will have worked as a hands-on UI design practitioner and will be responsible for delivering hands-on exploratory and finished design. Submissions are free and open to professionals, researchers and students of the electronic language. There, you will find collaborators from technical, theoretical, and political-cultural areas, who will follow and support the development of your proposal.



Send your project or idea through the proper submission form in the site http: FILE-Labo will prioritize projects and ideas anckne can really be developed by the laboratory within the maximum period of one year. These positions are for the Fall Semester of starting from September 1st.

Interaction, UI Design more…. March 5, If you want any further information or need support, please contact: BY Bianca Petscher Advertisements. Estudos em Jornalismo 2.

Publicidade e Propaganda ancinf. If you have an idea and are an artist, a designer, a programmer, an engineer, a scientist, or if you have developed any work for your university or for yourself, and always found it an interesting work, but which ended up in the sidelines, now you can send it to FILE-LABO.

Positions — Full time in design management, product design, and digital media design programs — 1 or 2-year appointment renewable Areas — Design Management: New Product Development — Product Design: Product Design — Digital Media Design: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: