Churches are morphing into new forms–emergent churches, shopping mall churches, megachurches–yet surveys show that an increasing number of believers. Philip Yancey journals his personal pilgrimage from skepticism and disillusionment about the church back to enthusiastic participation. Is it because something is wrong with the church? Perhaps that’s part of the picture. But Philip Yancey insists there is another part. In this candid.

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Overall, I enjoyed this book. He also gives advice to those involved in church, regarding burnout and motivation. Perhaps three and a half stars would be better.

Church: Why Bother?: My Personal Pilgrimage – Philip Yancey – Google Books

Lewis says- one command from Jesus is that we share the Eucharist. Perhaps this author leans that way himself. He talks about ‘church’ as the Christian community, undoubtedly with problems, but – he concludes – it’s worth persevering. This chapter was worth the price of the book, which is only about pages long. He looks on those years with gratitude, because teenagers are demanding readers, and writing for them taught him a lasting principle: The book is well-written, but easy boother read only pages, with very relatable stories and analogies that illustrates his points.

It was pleasant to read a testimony of someone who struggled over the Church but understood philpi value enough to not give up.

Why should I bother with the church? I tripped upon this book “accidentally and it really drew me to focus on the essentials of church and why it is worth the bother, almost no matter what.


My interests include skiing, climbing mountains, mountain-biking, golf, international travel, jogging, nature, theology in small dosespolitics, literature, and classical music. For many years he wrote a monthly column for Christianity Today magazine, which he still serves as Editor at Large. My books are a process of exploration and investigation of things I wonder about and yancwy about.

Yancey himself has had doubts about whether or not church was worth it thus the titlebut makes the argument that ultimately it is worth it. In he and his wife Janet, a social worker and hospice chaplain, moved to the foothills of Colorado.

Account Options Sign in. I went through a period of reacting against everything I was taught botheg even discarding my faith.

Properly humbled, I began concentrating on my own spirituality, not everyone else’s” p. And Sunday morning rolls around and a lazy morning sounds so amazing! May 19, Paul Veldhouse rated it really liked it.

In his candid, thought-provoking manner, award-winning author Philip Yancey reveals the reasons behind his own journey back from skepticism to wholehearted participation in the church, and weighs the church’s cnurch failings against its compelling worth as the body of Christ.

He currently has more than 15 million books in print, published in 35 languages worldwide. Aug 11, Emma Lavern rated it it was amazing. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Philip Yancey’s books. From growing up in rural Georgia in a fundamentalist church to his experience at LaSalle Street Church in inner city Chicago, Philip reflects on the church, his own perceptions of it, and the various metaphors the Bible uses to describe it.

So, he devoured books that opened his mind, challenged his upbringing, and went against what he had been taught. Carlus Gupton Site Design: When speaking about church, He gives His personal pilgrimage from seeing the hypocrisy of what goes on within most churches today, and shows how he came to understand a church full of imperfect people is God’s risk and only way to reveal His grace and love on humanity, while also exerting the importance that what matters most is worship to God rather than entertainment for the crowd.


Church: Why Bother? – Philip YanceyPhilip Yancey

I love this book May 09, Cassidy Hastings rated it really liked it. View Printer Friendly Version.

CS Lewis ” God commands us to do slowly and blunderingly what He could do perfectly and in the twinkling of an eye. But I have to admit, anything Yancey writes receives my utmost attention. Buy this book at Amazon. Yes, the church fails in its mission and makes serious blunders precisely because the church comprises human beings who will always fall short of the glory of God.

Church: Why Bother?

Philip Yancey journals his personal pilgrimage from skepticism and disillusionment about the church back to enthusiastic participation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

He also spends I’ve been reading a lot of books lately to help me deal with my growing apathy with church. Oct 10, Mbgirl rated it it was amazing.