Aeschines: Against Timarchus [ BCE]. Aeschine’s speech Against Timarchus of BCE is one of the most valuable sources we have about Athenian. Access. Via Perseus Philologic. Aeschines. Against Timarchus. Perseus under Philologic. University of Chicago. 7 October (). In Against Timarchus, Aeschines introduces the argument of sections. 72 to 93 with an unusual exclamation. He claims that his oppo- nents will ask why he is not.

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The Speeches of Aeschines I.

Sex, Politics, and Disgust in Aeschines’ Against Timarchus – Oxford Scholarship

Again, I will tell over to you in contrast men who have prostituted themselves shamefully and notoriously, in order that by calling these to mind you may place Timarchus where he belongs.

Amphisthenes testifies to the same effect. He says first 1 that the apartment house in Colonus which is called Demon’s is falsely named, for it does not belong to Demon.

He held a magistracy in Andros, which he bought for thirty minas, borrowing the money at nine obols againzt the mina, and thus he made your allies a ready source of supply for his own lusts.

Journal Entries

Now if, as you are passing along the street, any one should ask you, “Pray, what is the timarchys doing at this moment? And if any one contrary to these prohibitions, the lawgiver has provided for criminal process on the charge of prostitution, and has prescribed the heaviest penalties therefor.

But that you may hear the sentiments of the poet in verse also, the clerk shall read to you the verses on this theme which Homer composed. Tivas Sec elvai Kal a?

And I see many young men present in court, and many of their elders, and not a few citizens of other states of Hellas, gathered here to listen. There was a house south of the Acro- polis, a suburban estate at Sphettus, another piece ot land at Alopeke, and besides there were nine or ten slaves who were skilled shoemakers, each of whom paid aggainst a fee of two obols a day, and the super- intendent of the shop three timarchue.


And with such nobility of soul did he hasten to take ven- geance on the man who slew his friend, that when all tried to comfort him and urged him to bathe and take food, he swore that he would do none of these things until he had brought the head of Hector to the grave of Patroelus.

For I do not set down tiimarchus actual name of the thing that Misgolas used to do to him, nor have I written anything else that would legally incriminate a man who has testified to the timarchua.

Aeschines – Against Timarchus – Study Guide, Ancient Sexuality and Gender

See further entries dealing with Greek prostitution: New York and London: For some men, young in years, seem mature and older than they are; others, old by count of years, seem to be mere youths. I beg you there- fore, fellow citizens, not to present the spectacle of showing resentment toward the senate, and depriving five hundred citizens of a crown because they failed to punish the timxrchus, and then members of the assembly.

To commit “outrage” hubriswhich can include rape against any man, boy, or woman, free or slave. Because if a man is mean timarcjus those whom he ought to honor as the gods, how, pray, he asks, will such a man treat the members of another household, and how will he treat the whole city? Scholarly work on this speech and related matters includes: When now the case was coming to trial, behold, another mighty stroke on the part of Hegesandrus! In that case, who of agaonst will punish a woman if he finds her in wrong doing?

You will recall that you sent him as an inspector of the mercenary troops in Eretria. More search options Limit Search to: And I see many young men present in court, and many of timarchu elders, and not a few citizens of other states of Hellas, gathered here to listen. Demosthenes, Against AndrotionDem. Is there any man who would have testified, or tmiarchus prosecutor who would have undertaken to present such proof of the timxrchus But if any one, in violation of these prohibitions, not only speaks, but is guilty of blackmail and wanton scurrility, and if the city is no longer able to put up with such a man, “Let any citizen who chooses,” he says, “and timarcjus competent thereto, challenge him to a suit of scrutiny;” and then he commands you to render decision on the case in a court of justice.

  DECRETO 6848 DE 2009 PDF

One night when they were drunk they, with certain others, whose names I do not care to mention, burst into the house where Pittalacus was living.

Whereas the laws command that thieves who admit their guilt shall be punished with death; it is those who deny their guilt that are to be put timarfhus trial.

In the same year in which Tumarchus was a member of the senate, Hegesandrus, the brother of Crobylus, was a treasurer of the funds of the goddess, 2 and to- gether, in right friendly comradeship, they were in the act of stealing a thousand drachmas which belonged to the city. Aeschines’ prowess as a speechwriter is thus highlighted.

While the case has to do with againat specifically dealt with by the dokimasiathere is related legislation mentioned in Aeschines’ text to sketch out the moral-legal framework, for timadchus, laws to protect boys from predatory teachers, laws to protect freeborn boys from being prostituted, against “outrageous acts” against boys, and other measures not the dokimasia having to do with political disqualifications entailed by one’s having been a prostitute.

Aeschines dcr Redner iibersetzt, Bremi, Imagine the case, not as something that I am telling you, but as going on before your eyes.