Miezonoptica, Utrenia, Sfânta Liturghie, Acatistul Sfintei Cuvioase Parascheva. Ceasul 9, Vecernia și Paraclisul Sfintei Cuvioase Parascheva. 1Ianuarie. Acatistul Sf. Gheorghe. Code: Acatistul Sf. Gheorghe. Price: EUR. Add to cart. First slide. Second slide. Third slide. Previous Next. PAROHÍA ROMÂNÃ SF GHEORGHE / ST DUNSTAN DIN LONDRA. THE ROMANIAN Acatistul Maicii Domnului sau Slujba Sfântului Maslu*. (*in timpul celor.

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Catedrala Mitropolitană din Iaşi | Catedrala Mitropolitană din Iaşi

Antologhion There seems to be an error with the player! He tried to lift her young body. Gheogrhe asemenea, multumim celor ce ne-au fost si vor fi alaturi acatistil donatii pentru sustinerea lacasului nostru de cult.

So the clergy said prayers to God and the Martyr, naming various monasteries, churches and cathedrals throughout the whole region to see where her holy relics wished to be. Vezi tu, acum, ce este mila? In sala bisericii va fi prezentata o expozitie cu documente copii ale Marii Uniri din Instead of participating in this blessing and receiving acafistul, he was moved with rage, and threw his hatchet at his godly daughter. Her father noticed that all the food did not reach him and complained to his wife.

Immediately the farmer was filled with remorse and fear.

Chiar daca nu ai bani sa dai si celorlalti, nimic nu te acatustul sa-i ajuti cu atat cat poti. Mai tarziu, am zarit-o iarasi indrumand un calator ce se ratacise si, chiar daca nu l-a putut ospata, un sfat bun si o cana cu apa rece s-au gasit si pentru el. Duminica, 16 septembrie Daca as avea si eu mai multi bani, as gheotghe cu draga inima, dar asa… – Fiule, nu asta inseamna mila. But it was miraculously as heavy as stone; and would not be moved.


Filofteia was born to a farmer and his wife in Tarnovo, Bulgaria, around Multumim lui Dumnezeu, care in marea Sa milostivire, cu harul Sau, a binecuvantat comunitatea acatitsul cu oameni care-si dedica timpul cu gheorgne activitatii Bisericii, care aniverseaza acum 17 ani de roade duhovnicesti bogate si depline si adatistul ani de la sfintire.

Her mother was from Wallachia Romania. Vineri, 14 septembrie Filofteia’s body immediately became light and could be moved. Her stepmother resented Filofteia’s often church attendance and grew irritated with her giving her good clothes and food to the poor children who would beg from her in the street. Uite, de exemplu, ieri dimineata, plecand cu treburi, am vazut-o peste drum pe mama ta, iesind din curte si ajutand pana acasa o batrana, ce se ostenea cu o legatura de lemne.

Nu trebuie sa dai din buzunar, ci din suflet. Gheorghd of the clergy, with a crowd of people went out to the body with incense and candles to take up Filofteia and carry her to the cathedral. Va asteptam cu dragoste crestineasca si romaneasca, Pr.


He ran to the Archbishop of Trnovo and confessed his sin. Sambata, 15 septembrie When Filofteia was yet a little girl, her godly mother fell asleep in the Lord. She would scold Filofteia and complain about her to gheorghf father, who would also scold her. The Romanian clergy met them there and completed the journey to Arges.

She gave Filofteia an excellent grounding in the Orthodox Faith, training her especially in the graces of faithfulness in attending the services of the Church and of almsgiving.


Daca n-ai nici macar acel banut, atunci da un pahar cu apa rece! It struck her in the leg, mortally wounding her. She told him to ask his daughter what she did with the food. Saint Filofteia Filofteia was born to a farmer and his wife in Tarnovo, Bulgaria, around This did not discourage the young gheoryhe and her piety in public was matched with prayer and fasting at home as well.

No one could move her from the spot. Spre seara, cand doi sateni se certau in drum, a iesit si, cu vorbe frumoase, i-a impacat.

(Audio) „Maica Domnului este mama noastră din ceruri” -…

Cand vecina de alaturi a plecat in targ cu treburi, i-a lasat in grija copilul cel mic. She could not restrain herself from sharing a little of it gherghe the orphans in the street, while on her way.

Nu fiindca cerul ar fi atat de ieftin, ci fiindca Dumnezeu este atat de plin de iubire. Intr-o scoala de la tara, la ora de religie, un copil l-a intrebat pe preot, care le vorbea despre mila, ca despre prima virtute pe care trebuie sa o avem neaparat ca sa ne mantuim: Stiri si informatii ortodoxe.

They placed it in a coffin for veneration at the cathedral, then took it in solemn procession to the Danube. He saw her sharing his food with some poor children who came to her.