The Antalya rock climbing guidebook has recently been unavailable, but it is now back in stock. Antalya is the best and most extensive rock climbing area. Rock climbing. The JoSiTo guesthouse camp is situated directly in heart of the climbing area of Geyikbairi. Depending on the sector all of the crags are between . A Rock Climbing Guide to Antalya cover photo, 70 kb. Author Öztürk Other editions of this guidebook. A Rock Antalya crags, # climbs, Rocktype, Faces.

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Once in Antalya, the path of least resistance, but also the most costly option is to arrange the airport transfer with your accommodation. Share on Share on.

See all contributors Karma. Each area has a good location map, and a general description of the rock climbing to be found at each crag. It is recommended climbers insure themselves, against injury to person and property and third party risks. Should the mining for precious marble in the region proceed, the goat grazing grounds and local agriculture would be severely lcimbing and the local water source that feeds the surrounding villages and Antalya would also be endangered.

While northern locales are rainy, wet and forr, the amtalya of Turkey is still more or less sunny, warm and dry. All bolting is stainless steel and not more than 10 years old.

Accommodation for Rock Climbers. Renting a car is also a convenient option. The eco-tourism centered on rock climbing and hikers on the Lycian Trail, a huge contribution to sustaining the local economy, would also dry up. If you will stay there, ahead of time registration is currently required as the campground does not have an on duty staff.


Geyikbayırı, Antalya: The Beating Heart of Sport Climbing in Turkey

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Also included is information about the deep water soloing DWS to be found at Olympos. As the area also boasts several caves and the exposure is both East-facing and West- facing, most weather conditions, heat or rain, do not discourage the motivated climber.

The best time to visit Antalya to go rock climbing is from September through to June. Most accommodations also offer airport transfers directly to the camp for approximately 40 euro per person if arranged ahead of time. From personal experience, it is possible to arrive without a climbing partner and find a partner or a group to climb with from the campsite. The domain name www.

Pre-registration and further information is available online at: The camping ground at Masal Refuge is equipped with a kitchen-lounge and hot showers can be reached by car. The fabled ibex- like endangered climbing animal, with curling horns that lives only in farther away undeveloped and uninhabited crags also gives credence to this name.

The crag is shaped like a bowl, with sectors facing east, south and west so that it is always possible to find the sun or shade.

The active local climbing community routinely maintains and checks the condition of the equipment and the rocks. Written by Ozturk Kasyikci and published in September 6th Editionthis guidebook is in Turkish and English text throughout.


There clibming many sectors that also offer a good range of routes between F6a and F6c, along with some roxk in the F5s. I am outraged for all these reasons as well as the multitude of other ecological and social ramifications and my emotional attachment to one of my favorite places on earth.

All approaches are free access as it is all part of a national park with no rigid rules and no supervision.

Atdaa – The Outspoken Travel Guidebook

Caroline Sanders 16 May, Full climbing guide on rebranded site. What are the best restaurants in Beyoglu, Istanbul? Antalya is the best and most extensive rock climbing area in Turkey, particularly the crags of Geyikbayiri and Olympos.

Fortunately, there is a growing grassroots resistance among the climbing community. The crag is well bolted but for many of the routes these are spaced, particularly in the 2nd half of the route. Access issues Access is easy, by car or minibus, via a single paved road and there is no walking for more than 10 minutes.

Link for the petition. If arriving late at night, it also might be the safest option. Description This is the definitive rock climbing guidebook for Antalya describing all the sport climbing to be found at Geyikbayiri, Olympos, Citdibi and Kaputas.