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A new sill trim plate was added. Moreover, only the base black leather seats were available, and these came installed without any power adjustments. Also lubricate all hinges and latches, including those for the hood, rear compartment, console door and any folding seat hardware. Only the newer style bezels and plugs are available through General Motors and both are compatible with all years of the C5 Corvette.

While an optional upgrade on the other Corvettes, the six-speed gearbox was the only transmission available for the FRC, and was generally considered to be another price mnaual benefit when purchasing the hardtop. Do this until the vehicle is held by the parking brake only. The main fuel pump, which resides directly behind the drivers seat, creates a considerable amount of noise, especially on early model C5 Corvettes.

C5 Corvette Manual | eBay

Still, the development of the C5-R race car was a significant milestone for Chevrolet. In some instances, running a fuel ownesr cleaner through the gas tank has been known to resolve this issue. Many C5 Corvette Coupes with the removable roof tend to create a fair amount of wind noise and creaking during normal vehicle operation.


On automatic transmission vehicles, try to start the engine in each gear. Used in good condition.

C5 Corvette Owners Manuals

Windshield Washer Fluid Level Check: Inspect the body near the exhaust system. This situation can be fixed by placing a layer of burlap between the springs and the foam padding. You get the following GM factory service manuals: Clean power antenna mast.

Additionally, acid corrosion will need to be removed from the frame and the frame repainted to avoid further damage as a result of prolonged exposure to natural elements. It was from this concern that actions were put into motion during the early planning phases of the C5 Corvette. Firmly apply the parking brake and the regular brake. Engine Cooling System Inspection: Telescopic Steering Wheel, Power N Manual Transmission Check if so equipped: As was indicated during development, the FRC Corvette was cast as a Corvette for serious performance enthusiasts — and there was some truth to this marketing approach.

In many instances, the rotors can simply be turned.

This does not indicate that the brake rotors require replacement. Make sure tires are inflated to the correct pressures.


Chevrolet Corvette Owners Manuals

About Trunk Monkey Parts. Learn how your comment data is processed. By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. Owner Notification Began November 13, Never drive your vehicle more than 10, miles 16 km or 12 months whichever occurs first without an oil change.

Enter the Sting Ray.

The first fuel pump continually pumps gasoline from the passenger side tank into the driver side tank. Inspect the hoses and have them replaced if they are cracked, swollen or deteriorated.

The most common indicators that the engine is experiencing this type of a problem is increased valve train noise and the appearance of needle bearings on a magnetic oil pan drain plug. It was also fitted coorvette the same six-speed manual transmission offered with both the coupe and convertible.

Firmly apply the parking brake.

At present, this is the only known method to resolve this issue. The source of the sound is the same. While the intent of this page is to identify the common issues pertaining to the Corvette, it is not an all-inclusive list and should be used for reference only.